With just three days left until the new year, I’m sure many of you can agree this time of year can be quite hectic.
Whether it’s from the famous post-Christmas jitters, or just trying to decide on NYE plans (a whole ordeal in itself, really), this last month has been a lot to take in. I found myself with plenty of extra stress this year due to a challenging Fall semester full of countless hours of studying and an unnecessary amount of finals- I would like to speak to whoever thought five exams in four days was a good idea. I’ve come to realize that finding ways to de-stress before the upcoming year is an essential part to a happy and healthy lifestyle! With that being said, I was rummaging around trying to find a bit of motivation for the Spring semester as well as 2017 in general. Because let me tell ya, 2016 was not exactly a piece of cake. SO with the new year rapidly approaching, I’ve decided to put together a little motivation that always helps me to read when I’m feeling overwhelmed or too lazy to start my week on a good note!

Remember: eat your vegetables, do your squats, and love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye





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