Happy Saturday, lovelies! I have been so so busy lately with spring formals, final projects, and getting ready for finals week (send help). It’s so crazy to think that my sophomore year of college will be over in just 2 short weeks! Seriously, where did the time go? I am absolutely not okay with college being halfway over. Can I stay here forever please? This past weekend, I found myself feeling really sentimental about leaving Fayetteville for the summer, so I decided to explore some of the best of what Fayetteville has to offer before I head back to Dallas! Fayetteville is such a fun, amazing little college town, and I thought I would share my favorite places to go to in my home away from home.


If I learned one thing about living in Arkansas, its that everyone and their moms call queso, “cheese dip”. Super, super not a fan of that. Being born and raised in Texas gives you a strange obsession with tex-mex and queso. When I’m at school in Fayetteville, I can’t get really authentic tex-mex, but Tacos 4 Life has actual queso people!! So exciting. When I’m feeling a little homesick for my Dallas food, Tacos 4 Life always does the trick.


PIZZA! If you ask any one of my friends to describe me in three words, their answer would be “pizza, dogs, shopping” and I’m not even sorry. I have an unhealthy obsession with the deliciousness of pizza, and I so love the atmosphere of US Pizza Co. If I can sit outside with good friends and good pizza, count me in.


Okay, this little gem is absolutely fab! It’s right off of Dickson street, and they have gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. What more could someone want? However, this one is also super sad for me because I recently discovered I’m gluten intolerant (tears), so I can only indulge in bread occasionally now. Sad day.


 By far the best thing Fayetteville has to offer! Game days are like holidays here. The night before home games, I seriously feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. Tailgating, bbq, and friends all while watching football and calling the hogs is my idea of the perfect day. 10/10 would recommend going to at least one razorback game in your lifetime!


The Town Square is such a special, fun place in general. But in the warmer months, the Farmer’s Market is my happy place. I love getting brunch and then going to look at all of the pretty flowers on Saturday mornings in the spring! The best combo, to be honest. They also have a variety of random vendors like fresh jam, cheeses, and even popsicles! Plus the square has some of the best stores with the cutest clothes because hi, my name is Tiffany and I am addicted to shopping.


Dickson is typically known for night life, but it’s so cute in the daytime too! You can find yummy food trucks, coffee shops, or even just walk around and explore. One of my favorites is the bookstore. There is just something about a room full of books that makes my heart sparkle. They have literally rows and rows of books that make you want to spend an entire day lost reading and exploring. In fact, that’s one of my favorite things to do here! I’ll find a stack of books to read, and just sit on the floor reading for hours. The best rainy day activity!


To me, Arsaga’s is like the epitome of Fayetteville. Good coffee and brunch is my jam. Even though I’m going to Dallas, with an abundance of yummy brunches, still so sad to leave this gem for 3 months.


When I say this is the cutest place, I mean the cutest! When I have a craving for biscuits and gravy, this is my place. Not to mention, they use mason jars for glasses, and the entire set up is basically just rustic and homey. It seriously just screams Pinterest. Let’s just take a moment and appreciate the aesthetic of those biscuits with gravy, I could cry.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my favorite spots here in this adorable college town I call home. Thanks a million for stopping by my blog, have the best week!



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