DIY: lace up shirt

Happy Friday! I like to think I’m pretty crafty, so I decided to try out a fun new idea I saw on Pinterest. This DIY shirt/t-shirt dress is so incredibly cute, and only cost $15- amazing!


IMG_5229 IMG_5231

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pack of small eyelets
  • Black elastic tape
  • Black suede or leather string (I used 3 yards)
  • Bleach (optional)
  • Hammer
  • Needle and thread
  • The shirt you’ll be working on. Thrift stores always have inexpensive and super unique finds!

First, I decided to make the shirt a little more edgy by splashing bleach on random parts of it. This step is completely optional, but it gives the finished product a one of a kind look. There isn’t really a science to this at all, just eyeball the shirt and splash the bleach on whatever area you think needs it! Once you reach the desired “edgy affect”, let the bleach sit for a few hours, or even overnight to fully develop, then wash and dry it in the morning.


Now that your shirt is all clean and ready to be cut, lay the shirt out on a flat surface and mark how deep and low you wan the V to be. I marked where to cut with a chalk pen, and made sure it was good and straight. I also left the top of the shirt collar, but feel free to cut that off as well.


Step 3 is definitely a little more tedious (but worth it). Take your black elastic and line it up with the edge of the shirt you cut. If you have a sewing machine, you can use it to sew the two pieces together. However, mine is still broken, so I choose to hand stitch them. Once you stitch the layers together, mark where you want your holes to be for the eyelets. You want to be sure you have the same amount on each side, so the shirt looks even when you wear it. After you mark where you want the to be, go ahead and cut tiny holes or slits over each marking. Be extra, EXTRA careful not to cut too big of a hole, or else the eyelet will be too small to stay, and fall right through. I made that mistake like 10 times the first time I tried this, so don’t worry I’m right there with ya. The next step is to hammer in the eyelets. I highly recommend buying the pack of eyelets with tools that help you hammer them in without breaking.


Finally, start lacing up your shirt! You can lace it any way you like, but I laced mine from the bottom to the top, and tied a knot at either side so it wouldn’t loosen as I wear it. Once you’re done lacing, voila! You have a new fab shirt to go strut around town in, yay! I’ll be styling it with black over the knee boots, but you could also pair it with booties or heels!


Thanks for stopping by!

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