Hello again! Okay I have been so MIA lately, but I’m finally back – get pumped. This summer was so crazy, but I just got all moved into my very first apartment for my junior year of college. Which btw, super not ok with how much adulting I have to do now, or that I’m halfway done with college. As Asher Roth once said, “Can I just stay here for the rest of my life?” Ya ok thanks!! Anyway, I thought I would show how I decorated my apartment on a college gal budget in different posts – starting with my super cozy room! I chose to keep it pretty simple because I’m not v into a bunch of stuff on the walls. Sometimes it just stresses me out, you know? I’ll try to link where I bought some of the items, or similar options. Most of the wall decorations I actually printed out and framed myself, which is also one of my main tips. Its definitely a much more affordable option, and when you get bored of the quote you can switch it out easily! You’ll also notice a pattern of how much I love white, my fav color.  I love how bright and happy it makes the room seem, while also being so cozy and welcoming. It’s a vibe. I can’t wait to show you the other rooms in the apartment once my fab roommates and I get settled in. Thanks for stopping by (and also reading my nonsense rambling.) Have the best week!


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If I missed something in particular and you want to know where its from or where to get something like it, comment down below or feel free to email me!


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